Summertime is upon us but not everyone is free during this beautiful period of the year. Our students have exams for example and work doesn’t stop, sadly. Anyway we’re still bringing updates and trying to finalize Kitkat branch as soon as possible, to be prepared for L. Is true that the L preview source is out, but it is not the whole new sauce (maybe neither 30% of it), so planning/coding is still something early to think about. We’re watching and learning tho. Right now Android is Kitkat.

You can read more here https://plus.google.com/107979589566958860409/posts/dv46aczMqH2

So what’s new this week?

  • Various low level bug fixes (we’re still working on many bug tracker tickets)
  • New translations thanks to crowdin contributors
  • Upstream merges for Theme Engine
  • Fixed light theme support (WiFi Settings FC)

Now, what’s next
We’re announcing today our next feature, a redesigned Recents that we surpisingly figured after I/O to be in line with new L concepts. First public release will come next monday.

Notes for themers
You may want to check those patches:

PA Battery Meter(s)

Battery Tile Background

Holo.Light WiFi Settings Fix

Download: http://paranoidandroid.co
Bug reports: https://paranoidandroid.atlassian.net
Blog: http://blog.paranoidandroid.co

P.S. If you like the themes used in in post’s image, they are Objects Material on the right, Flux White/Flux on the left.

Objects #Material http://goo.gl/6C5so0
Flux Theme http://goo.gl/CkUz7R
Flux White Theme http://goo.gl/Tz04eQ