This week’s release is a minor cleanup from our 4.4 final release last week. Between Google I/O and the Android L preview release, not as much work got done on PA as we would have hoped. We would like to re-iterate that we cannot release any ROM based on L until the source code is publicly available, until then we can reflect on what Android is shaping up to be.

Numerous features in Android L have been inspired by the Android aftermarket community even some from our own PA. L has gotten serious about notifications just as we have at PA. Google has refined our Hover into something they call heads up. Offering a brief interactive card of your notifications, our version takes that one step further by allowing you to open a floating window. For those of you who missed it we released a preview of our recents redesign, minus a few material touches our design is almost identical to Google's. Hats off to our design team, Lord Duarte would be pleased. Per app color is also judicious used throught out L another PA original feature. Per app color is also judicious used throught out L another PA original feature. We are proud to see the idea mature into an android feature but we still have our own vision for it, which we will be sharing with you soon.

We also have a few surprises coming up so keep your eyes in the PA page in the coming days

P. S. Check out this awesome behind the scenes about our download servers which serve over 20 TiB a month.


  • Fix Documents UI crashing
  • Full battery meter theming from CM
  • Other upstream theme engine fixes
  • Translations updated
  • Other miscellaneous bugfixes

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