4.4 BETA 1

On this week’s dose of awesome sauce from PA Headquarters. We are proud to bring you Theme Engine, a stable hover and of fixes. Hats off to CM, Clark Scheff, Andrew Mast and Sony mobile, for their work on Theme engine Truly outstanding work. Porting it to an AOSP base was a massive effort, lead by @carlo. We tried to do it in a way so that it can be easily ported to other AOSP based roms for the benefit of the entire community. We are also proud to mark Hover stable, after many betas and three rewrites. We apologize for all the betas, but we really wanted to try to get this right, we encourage you to compare this build to beta 1, some major improvements have been made. The lessons learned here means more/quicker awesomeness in the future.

With Google IO only a month away we are nearing the end of Kitkat, but that doesn't mean development is slowing down. Our team is comprised of numerous students and with school ending we are now doubling down on making PA awesome, we plan to finish strong and have a few Major projects to release that we have been working on internally for quite some time. Awesomeness is coming :)

P.S. This is still 4.4.2. We have merged and are testing 4.4.3 internally but it was released too close to our release to allow enough time for adequate testing.

P.S 2 Like the Themes shown off in the image below they were made by our own @Matt and @Lo and are available on the play store (PiazzA will be available soon). Show them some love.

General - Translated into over 30 languages!! - Backported numerous fixes from AOSP master. - Improved quicksettings. - Removed lockscreen blur feature in favour of custom lockscreen background from Theme Engine (it will come back as a component of theme engine in the future).

Theme Engine - Bring full CM11 theme engine. (First AOSP based ROM!!) - WARNING: Home button gets refreshed only after reboot or by force killing SystemUI app if you want to avoid reboot. Will be fixed in next build.

Hover - Stable status!! - Removed Jank (its a technical term) - Fixed remaining bugs, including spam and invisible notifications. - Fully working and improved inCallUi. - Restored default swipe to dismiss behavior. An upcoming swipe up gesture will let you dismiss hover as was replacing the old behavior.

Pie/Immersive - Fixed immersive API Thanks for the developers who helped diagnose the issue - Vastly improved triggering, and allow you to trigger from any area on the edge on tablets. - Pie now rotates like the navBar (will appear on short edge). - Enabled pie only on immersive mode enabled by quick settings tlie (not in app immersive). - Fixed AOSP immersive bug issue where apps would register a touch when swiping statusBar and/or navBar. - Fixed numerous freezes.

  • WARNING: We recommend a clean flash this time due to massive changes*

Builds: http://paranoidandroid.co/roms

Bugs: https://paranoidandroid.atlassian.net

Kraken Icon Pack: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jmftech.kraken.icons