4.3 Beta 6

Late is better than not.

- Logic improvements - Don’t show on sim pin - Implement blacklist feature

- Logic improvements - Don’t show on sim pin - Fixed notification clicker on some notifications - In call improvements - Once expanded current hover notification stay there until you touch outside or de-expand it. When incoming call notification drops down is locked and no other notifications are processed until call’s end. To dismiss it (hide), decline/accept call clicking the buttons or open the dialer tapping on the notification - Fix some spam - Hide on dismiss (even from a button inside notif, reflects live parent android notification removal)

Floating window:
-Implement blacklist feature

- Complete Italian translations of public git source (thank you crowdin contributers) - Dismiss IME when floating window is dismissed - Keep app when opening floating window from recents panel - Some upstream fixes - PAOTA fixes

Bugs/Feature Requests:

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