4.3 beta 5

With tonight's release we want to highlight how you, the community, can contribute. Yes, you may not dream in code but without you, PA would not be what it is today. We have a large, and very active community to thank for that. The team reads all your feedback and we try to interact with the community as much as possible . We really appreciate your continued support and thank you for your dedication.

To demonstrate the power of an active community, let's talk about numbers and statistics! Did you know that over 70% of the bugs you have posted are already solved? Or that in the just 24 hours we received 9 complete language translations? Or that we have had more than 50M visits to our Google plus page?

Of course, feedback is always needed but sometimes we have other needs. Have you ever wondered how you can really help us? Maybe you could raise your voice using the #StayParanoid tag on social media or showing how your phone rocks to your friends or if you want to go a step further, we accept different kinds of donations from artists, developers, translators, and even sponsors. To aid our translators we are proud to announce our collaborative translation instance at Crowdin! All the instructions can be found on our Blog!

You will notice that translating Paranoid Android has never been so easy, forget about pull requests or gerrit commits. Just translate and we'll finish the work for you. Easy, simple and quick! The continuous translation allows us to improve the quality of our localizations without needing to teach you what a string is! If you find a typo, update the translation or upvote better options!


Now back to your regular scheduled release

This update brings Swipe to dismiss to hover a feature the community has been requesting as well as fixing numerous lingering bugs. We have also added the ability to control how you are notified when you have a low battery and implemented fixes and request from the community.



* Swipe to dismiss * Improved in call handling * Fixed and improved the blacklist * Fixed notification transparency * Various other fixes

  • Low battery notification options (see warning icon next to battery icon under battery status)
  • Changed circle battery icon due to requests from members of the community
  • Fixed the low target ‘ring’ for incoming phone calls
  • Fixes for some floating mode bugs
  • Fixes for pie
  • Several overall bugfixes and updates

Stay Paranoid