New Schedule

We have been keeping on a somewhat tight schedule with the weekly Sunday updates. Most of the team is fairly busy during the week with jobs, family, and school. Weekends are our play time (bug squashing and feature updating). We tend to work sometimes right up to the point of release, which has been happening late on Sunday nights. We have noticed that things have been slipping past us the last few weeks, and to absolve that, we are moving to Monday release schedule. This will allow us to do some additional testing before release.

Our new schedule will appear as follows:

  • We will take no more submissions or patches from Gerrit, as of 6 PM (America/New York timezone [Eastern]) on Sunday.
  • At that time we will do a feature freeze, and only work on resolving bugs.
  • All bugfixes for the last 24 hours of internal testing will be submitted no later than 6 PM Eastern on Mondays.
  • After the version bump commit we will kick off the build servers to start on the release schedule.
  • Build servers take approximately an hour and a half to complete all 10 devices, and typically within 30 minutes after the builds are complete, everything is sitting on the download servers awaiting the release notification.
  • If all goes as planned, expect a new update on Monday nights, around the same time we had Sunday releases.

Note: Sometimes we are not able to stick to a strict schedule, but we will try to notify you of any delays