4.1 Beta 2

Last week we re-introduced one of our signature features, Pie. Consequently, we received reports that some users were experiencing significant bugs. This release fixes the majority of those issues in the revamped implement. We pride ourselves in not only implementing features but also maintaining the quality of those features.

One major announcement we would like to present to you guys is our new blog!
Allowing users to obtain information from a central hub apart from Google+ was an idea we have been spinning into motion for some time. This also allows, you as a user, to learn more background information about our rom and the team. We will be adding more content in the near future so users can gain a better understanding of our vision.

Visit: http://blog.paranoidandroid.co to find out more!

Additional changes in 4.1 Beta 2 are:

Quicksettings: Bump dual switch icon(s)
Quicksettings: New transition animation
Fixed volume/volume panel related bugs
Lightbulb has a lockscreen widget now

Change logs: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2583582
Downloads: http://download.paranoidandroid.co

stayparanoid #notapeek´╗┐